Ethical & Fair Production

Organisations that support the ethical production of products, adding to fair wages, safe working environments and workers who directly benefit from employment or sale of goods. Businesses that do not test on animals and are considered vegan friendly.


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How do we define ethical and fair production businesses? Here at The Social Catalog we're dedicated to sharing our favourite Australian organisations and businesses that contribute to animal-friendly environments.

We want to support and promote those who support others, those great businesses big and small that give back to help marginalised and dis-advantaged communities grow.

Giving back can have many forms but the values we focus on to be defined a Ethical & Fair Production business are:

-Businesses that are 100% plant-based, vegan or vegetarian friendly. We look for fair-trade certifications, businesses that do not test on animals, and are certified palm-oil free.

-Businesses that are made here in Australia, where workers rights are covered by the Fair Work Act and align with our at least one other Social Values (Sustainable & Eco-Conscious, Community Engaging & Educational, Socially Inclusive).

-We love supporting Australian based for-purpose businesses that are made internationally by disadvantaged community groups only when the sale of products improve their social economic impact, contributing to fair wages overseas, where workers are subject to clean and safe working conditions, are paid directly for their work, or directly benefit from the sale of their goods after production.

-We expect any business in this category to adhear to respectful working conditions.

At The Social Catalog we speak to so many amazing brands and businesses that strive to uphold and improve their ethical practises. No one could have said it better then Ethical Made Easy, a brand directory we look up to in every way who said "We understand not every brand is ever 100% perfect, but businesses in this category demonstrate true trasparency and a willingness to continue changing."

Check Out A Few Brands We Love

Wild Timor Coffee Co: The Coffee Company Helping Timor-Leste Coffee Growers To Get a Fair Go

Wild Timor Cafe is a social enterprise, run by Australian soldiers who support Timor-Leste Coffee growers, break into the Melbourne coffee scene and gain a fair price for their unique coffee beans. They have a cafe in Coburg and supply coffee all over Melbourne, and online.