Community Engaging & Educational

Brands, Businesses, Social Enterprises and Not-For-Profits funding and leading community-based programs to improve community education and awareness of important social issues like environmental sustainability, supporting marginalised communities, innovative medical research, supporting refugees and alleviating poverty.


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"Community is a “warm” place, a cosy and comfortable place. It is like a roof under which we shelter in heavy rain, like a fireplace at which we warm our hands on a frosty day. Out there, in the street, all sorts of dangers lie in ambush...In a community, we all understand each other well . . . . We are never strangers to each other" - Zygmunt Bauman

The Social Catalog, aims to direct you to the businesses that give back. There are many ways to give back to your community, and we believe supporting businesses that go that extra bit further, the little bit more of their profits, their time, their products and their premises deserve our business. We want to support those who support others, those great businesses big and small that give back to help marginalised and dis-advantaged communities grow.

Giving back can have many forms but the values we focus on to be defined a community engaging & educational business are:

- Businesses that donate portions of their profits that contribute to positive change in disadvantaged and marginalised communities

- Businesses and organisations as businesses that fund or support financially, community led programs that benefit their surrounding local community or international disadvantaged communities.

- Businesses that directly train employees from disadvantaged groups to help them gain stable employment and enhance their skills

-Businesses that help in facilitating community workshops and educational programs on their premises.

We Love community engaging businesses because they bring people together, the kindness feeds on and as we help others, they help others. Community engaging & educational businesses empower grassroots projects and make our global community feel more connected, and as Zygmunt Bauman said, 'In a Community....We are never strangers to each other'. For us here at The Social Catalog that mantra is chanted daily, as we speak to so many amazing brands and businesses that strive to give back to their communities, we are building a community of our own, and when we connect we realise all the things we have in common, and celebrate all the things that make us different.

Check Out A Few Brands We Love

Wild Timor Coffee Co: The Coffee Company Helping Timor-Leste Coffee Growers To Get a Fair Go

Wild Timor Cafe is a social enterprise, run by Australian soldiers who support Timor-Leste Coffee growers, break into the Melbourne coffee scene and gain a fair price for their unique coffee beans. They have a cafe in Coburg and supply coffee all over Melbourne, and online.

Up Movement: Funky Socks Helping People Walk Again

Up Movement is a social enterprise, dedicated to providing amazing colourful and fun sock designs that help build prosthetic limbs for amputees in developing and war torn countries. Through their charity partner A Leg To Stand On they donate 100% of their profits to this cause.

Good Cycles: The Bike Repair Who Care About Helping At Risk Youth into Long Lasting Employment

Good Cycles is a social enterprise providing all your bike needs while also funding vocational programs and education that helps at-risk Australia youth into meaningful and long lasting employment.

Free To Feed: Taking You On a Culinary Adventure and Helping Asylum Seekers Gain Employment

Free To Feed is a Not-For-Profit, Social Enterprise using food and culture to bring people together and help refugees, people seeking asylum and new migrants to build skills in hospitality, find meaningful employment and embrace our shared cultures.