Up Movement: The Cool Fun Socks Helping People Walk Again

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Looking for some fun novelty socks? Love supporting Australian artists? Up Movement has you covered with their New Project OZ Collection of cool funky socks, where the designs are all Local Aussie Artists and 100% of profits help to build prosthetic limbs in developing and war-torn countries.

(Photography: Up Movement)

Surely by now, you've jumped on the fun socks movement that swept across Australia, becoming popular in recent years, this movement has turned bare ankles of the public into works of art, showcasing the quirky individual styles of Australians. But the greatest contender in the funky sock game at the moment is Up Movement.

Not only have they started making affordable and stylish masks (with face masks now mandatory in Victoria), but their new launch of colourful, unique and fun patterned socks are designed by Australian Artists and manufactured by small businesses right here in Australia. The Project Oz release is full of amazing sock designs, inspired by Bob Marley, Cute Flamingos, Funfetti and the "Shaka" hand gesture.

This release is special for not only supporting Australian artists who earn an upfront design payment and a commission of each pair of socks sold, but 100% of the profits of every sock sold also supports Up Movement to help build prosthetic limbs for amputees in developing countries through their charity partner A Leg To Stand On.