Taking You On A Culinary Adventure is Free To Feed's New Cooking Masterclass All Together Now

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Not sure what to cook tonight? Free to Feed's popular cooking events have gone online! Choosing your own Persian cooking adventure to experience in your home, be guided by one of Free to Feed's most popular instructors, Mahshid Babzartabi.

(Video courtesy of: Free to Feed)

All Together Now's at-home cooking experience immerses you in aromatic spices like vibrant saffron, alongside bright and colourful specialty ingredients like rose petals and barberries. Their feasting menu includes Persian favourites like babaganoush and baklava, paired with Mahshid's delightful personality. Whether it's your first time cooking Persian food, Mahshid's recipes are family-friendly and with small adaptations can be made to suit vegetarian, vegan GF or FODMAP dietary requirements, this unique experience is for all to enjoy.

A home cooking experience like no other, All Together Now is a journey into the kitchens of new cultures, exploring intimate stories and hand-picked recipes. Delicate and complex flavours Persian cooking is something everyone can enjoy and build into their cooking repertoire, all you need is a great teacher, look no further then Mahshid.