Swaddles, a Pram & a Rocker, As New Parents What Are Your Three Main Essentials For Parenthood?

For new parents and Peached owners, Kellie & Tyrone walking into a baby store and having zero clues of what was needed to survive new parenthood was overwhelming. Throughout the journey with their first-born daughter Penelope (now 3), they soon discovered the essentials were: a pram, a rocker and a great swaddle! Peached was born, with the aim of sharing the beauty of Indigenous culture by providing comfort to newborns and growing toddlers.

(Photography: Peached)

"There are some amazing ranges out there, but when Tyrone suggested something cultural ...I thought it was a brilliant idea, considering Derick (Tyrone's cousin) produces stunning Indigenous artworks, we thought we could really make something beautiful," Kellie tells The Social Catalog.

Both Tyrone and Derick are proud Wiradjuri men, striving to pass the importance of their culture down to their own children, "For me, Peached gives me the chance to learn and be involved in my Indigenous culture. I was always very proud to be Indigenous but growing up in Cronulla I never really got the chance to learn about my culture. To have the chance to involve family and culture is a dream come true. I'm extremely proud of the products Kel and Dek have produced and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do." Tyrone explains.

Peached launched in 2019, with their first swaddle made from 100% certified Organic Cotton and named for their daughter Penelope and designed by Derick, with great success they then expanded their range and took on their first collaboration with contemporary Aboriginal artist Natalie Jade, the Florence swaddle was named after their second daughter.

(Photography: Peached)

"We have since welcomed our second daughter, Florence. Seeing her wrapped in the Peached swaddles are so incredibly special. Not only were they created by her Dad, Uncle and our collaboration with Natalie Jade, but they also have a cultural significance that embraces her Indigenous identity"

- Kellie, Peached Co-Owner

(Photography: Peached)

"For me Aboriginal culture is my identity. It is where I feel a sense of belonging. When I think about my Aboriginal culture I feel whole as a man from the Wiradjuri Tribe. I do Aboriginal art to reconnect with my heritage and my people and I try to share our beautiful culture with the rest of the world." Derick explains.

Each incredible swaddle is named after a family member or of someone of significance to Kellie, Tyrone and Derick. From their daughters to impactful people in the journey of Peached, you can see the love and appreciation for Indigenous culture that goes into every piece. Using Organic Certified Cotton Peached products are also wrapped in Hero Packagion which is 100% biodegradable and can be turned into nutritious fertiliser or a nice meal for your worm farm!

We're currently loving the KOBA Swaddle named after Kellie and Tyrone's Chocolate Labrador, which you can find here.


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