Sustainable Bar Ends & Means Keeping It Low-Waste With New Canned Cocktails

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

A Hospitality Pillar For Sustainability, A Bar Ahead Of The Curve, Ends & Means Has Taken Their Low-Waste Initiatives Into A New Venture, With Signature Canned Cocktails Delivered Straight To Your Door.

(Photography: Ends & Means)

If there has been any sector hit hardest by the pandemic in Melbourne, Hospitality is arguably in the running, after closing its doors in March, Ends & Means saw other venues jumping on the takeaway bandwagon to stay afloat, but with great takeaway comes great responsibility to the environment in particular, production of waste. With that in mind, we spoke to owner Marc Frew who took Ends & Means low-waste ethos into the takeaway scene with style and accountability.

Pre-Covid Ends & Means was a low-waste, socially and environmentally conscious cocktail bar slinging delicious, handcrafted drinks with smiles and bad jokes shared between patrons and bartenders alike. With a focus on minimal waste and great service, Marc has adjusted a small bar with big dreams, into a cocktail cannery keeping those same values alive in their new takeaway cocktail range