Smell of Hope’s Hand-Poured Candles & Heavenly Diffusers Helping Fight Children’s Cancer

What were you doing when you were 5 years old? Maybe playing with friends at school, without a care in the world. In 2018 then 5-year-old Eliana Marie, wanted to help the kids in hospitals feel better, now 7 Eliana and her family have helped donate over $7000 to help kids affected by cancer around the world. 

(Photography: Herald Sun

“Eliana and her friends wanted to do something to help sick kids their age,” Gina and George (Eliana’s parents) explain. “She truly wanted to just make a difference, it was incredibly selfless,” Gina tells The Social Catalog.

 In 2018 Eliana and her family spent 3 weeks raising money in their local community to raise funds for an Egyptian public hospital in Cairo. 

“It really was a great experience, Eliana was so determined... We ended up travelling to Cairo so she could present the donations personally, we ended up raising over $3500,”  Gina explains.

“Knowing that money would be spent on medication and supplies they couldn’t really afford, it was really humbling for us,”

- Gina Saad, Co-Founder, Smell of Hope

“When we came back from that trip we really wanted to start thinking about giving back long term and a Smell of Hope was born” With the help of her parents Eliana Marie, her sister Hannah and their friends started making hand-poured soy candles and diffusers at home, which they then sold at school and in their local community in Keilor East, donating 100% of the proceeds to the Royal Children’s Hospital they raised over $2000 in two days. 

(Photography: Smell of Hope)

Made in Australia, all Smell of Hope’s hand-poured soy wax candles are carefully curated to reflect their values and journey of helping children affected by cancer, each product is named with meaning and purpose

Fun - To express every child just wants to have fun, what every childhood deserves. A beautiful blend of citrus, coconut and vanilla. 

Happiness - As every child happiness and laughter makes your heart melt with joy. This scent is beautifully ripe with sweet strawberry and raspberry notes, mixed with roses and champagne.  

Life - Because life is a precious gift, the ultimate summer scent with a fusion of coconut and lime. (Eliana’s Favourite!)

Hope - So we never stop believing in miracles that can happen every day, a tropical scent with mixes of guava, lychee and lime. 

Love - To remember someone who is loved dearly but affected by cancer needs a cure, with Toka beans, coconut and vanilla notes. 

Sunshine - Something that we all cherish, the sunshine and light of a child’s energy, a sweet and flowery scent with notes of pine, jasmine and sweet grapes. 

Fearless - Because heroes come in all sizes, this scent has notes of cedarwood, lemon and hyacinth. 

With 100% of their profits donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation, each purchase from Smell of Hope helps make a difference in the lives of children affected by cancer and their families. 

“We strive for better and less harmful treatments and believe that every child should laugh, dance, play and live as only a child can.” 

- Children’s Cancer Foundation Website. 

We’re currently loving Smell of Hope’s gift packs which you can find here, Smell of Hope’s amazing range is available through their website, the perfect gift is a gift that gives back.

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