Meet The Women Behind Positively Glittered: A Glittery Movement Of Body Acceptance & Love

Updated: Jul 15

What started with a Marlies Dekkers Lingerie competition entry in a Brisbane backyard has turned into incredible body positivity events inspiring Australians to de-robe and go all out in glitter, creating glowing goddesses of all sizes, shapes and colours.

(Photography: Adam Hauldren @pixelglowphoto & Jill Kerswill @Jillkerswillphoto)

"It was definitely a case of amateur hour, but it was just kind of magical" Speaking with Penny Johnston one of the co-founders of Positively Glittered we heard how the movement grew from humble beginnings "...we put some time into finding bulk supplies and testing various methods to get the glitter to stay put and function how we wanted...we were just a bunch of fools laughing and asking each other if our under boobs and butt cracks were covered or not. Which is quite ridiculous, but one of those memories that you cherish with close friends."

"All of a sudden the things that we weren’t so happy with on our bodies were just too beautiful to look at the same way as we once did, and we looked at our friends and just saw glowing goddesses"

- Penny Johnston, Co-Founder, Positively Glittered

In an article written by Carol Rääbus and the ABC, One long-running survey of 57,000 Australian women found 78 per cent of respondents of a healthy weight were unhappy with their weight, and the numbers on the scales were but one of the thousands of things women were recorded hating about themselves. Positively Glittered challenges the negative body perspective and dysmorphia women have by creating an inclusive, asexual en