Need a Haircut to Tame Those Isolation Tresses? Here are Melbourne's Best Sustainable Salons

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

As Melbournites with beautiful long hair streaming down their faces start walking out into the sunlight, preparing to come out of months of isolation, some of us might be looking to tame those isolation tresses and get back to our pre-isolation, on-point hairstyles!

(Photography: Sustainable Salons)

Well, look no further! We rounded up our favourite Melbourne hair salons, barbers and dog groomers (for your four-legged furry isolation friends) who not only will get those flyaways under control but who support the amazing work of Sustainable Salons who rescue up to 95% of salon resources from landfill and find repurposing solutions that benefit the environment and give back to the community.

If you haven't heard of them before, Sustainable Salons is an organisation that aims to recycle almost everything used in hair, beauty & dermal salons, barbers and pet groomers (including the hair!) at the same time donating a percentage of their profits to charity partner OzHarvest. With over 1000 salon members, they have rescued:

  • 188,600kg of metals diverted from landfill & made into new aluminium packaging

  • 193,700kg of paper products recycled and turned into new paper

  • 29,600L of chemicals have been recycled in water and used in construction & manufacturing

  • 143,200kg of plastic from landfill and kept in circulation

  • and 28,700kg of hair collected from the salon floor that soaks up 95,800L of oil in a land or ocean spills (like the most recent environmental emergency in Mauritius)

When you visit a Sustainable Salon, not only do you minimise your environmental footprint and change the lives of others but you're also supporting small Melbourne business owners who have been doing it tough in 2020.  

So where can you find their AMAZING salon members? Well, we've rounded up our favourites all across Melbourne so no matter where you're located you can find one within your 25km limit!


Telleish. South Melbourne

Situated in Melbourne's inner suburbs, Telleish is an inviting space that welcomes business professionals to treat themselves whilst working, mums and bubs to relax and friends to catch up in their unique New York loft-style salon with a modern design and 70's twist! Telleish stylists are masters of their craft, with expert colourists and precision cutters. Head to Telleish for stunning colour transformations or to revive stressed hairstyles.

We asked Tellish how excited are you for Melbourne lockdown to be over?

12/10 :)

What do you love most about being a part of Sustainable Salons community?

Doing our small part to help the environment.

IG: @telleish_hair_studio

89 Gladstone Street, South Melbourne

Kalon Hair & Wellness. Mitcham

Holistic health meets hair & beauty. Kalon Hair & Wellness offer a complimentary sustainable scalp nutrient-rich wash prior to every service. "Our back basin is packed with natures best ingredients that are bursting with benefits like Buckwheat Extract to clarify your scalp or Caffeine + Green tea Extract to invigorate your scalp & senses." A modern holistic boutique, Kalon Hair & Wellness provides a perfect individual experience to every client, focused on the nutritional balance of every head of hair. Looking for a colouring? Kalon Hair & Wellness provide beautifully balanced tones with exceptional health and shine.

What do you love most about being a part of the Sustainable Salons community?

"I love that particularly in my industry we are constantly giving back, giving back to our gorgeous clients by making them look and feel amazing while we are giving back to our community & planet ensuring we are using sustainable products & procedures."


21 McKeon Rd, Mitcham

Retreat Hair. Doncaster East

Relaxed and Intuitive, Retreat Hair has a down to earth feel coupled with excellence and innovative approach to the art of hairstyling. Natalie Varrasso’s unique and thorough consultation with every guest, as well as her famous free-hand cutting style allows her to create stunningly beautiful hair to suit every individual's style. Not ready to get straight back in the salon yet? Retreat Hair has launched online hair consultations a valuable and insightful tool that will be a guide for anyone wanting to know what hairstyles will suit them.

We asked, what do you love most about being a part of Sustainable Salons community?

"Being part of SSA has been the best thing I have ever joined in this industry. I feel so supported as a hairstylist, Paul & Ewelina really understands the enormity of what salons can contribute through recycling our materials. I would never have been able to recycle 95% of what I use in my salon every day without this program."


Contact via the Retreat Hair Website

Lola Fortune. Brunswick

Simplicity, Style, Sustainability. There's a certain finesse to enhancing your natural hair and unwinding from the stresses of daily life at Lola Fortune. Part sanctuary, part urban jungle, this salon is a haven for rejuvenation of hair, body and soul. If you like walking out feeling like a goddess Lola Fortune is a breath of fresh air to inspire your Melbourne lockdown rebirth. "We are super passionate about sustainability and are always looking for ways to reduce our waste and minimise our impact on the destruction of our beautiful planet. Being a part of the Sustainable Salons community means we can feel confident that the waste that we do produce is being recycled and repurposed in innovative ways, enabling us to focus on what we do best - hair! "


141 Sydney Rd, Brunswick


The Handsome Man. Heidelberg

Exceptional quality and laid back services, The Handsome Man is Melbourne's only Sustainable Salons barber partner! With a passion for traditional Barbery, The Handsome man specialises in fades and taper fades, shaved designs, quiffs, flattops, buzz cuts, undercuts, patterns, traditional cuts, combined cuts, new wave, grunge, cutthroat shaves, beard designs, line-ups and trims, the desired results are only limited by your imagination! With a relaxed vibe at The Handsome Man, you can help yourself to a drink, and a game of pool before your appointment knowing sustainability and craftsmanship is the core of their values.

"We build The Handsome Man out of recycled timbers, using local sources from antiques and secondhand stores, sustainability and quality is so important to us and I always strive to use natural elements and create a unique environment and experience for our customers."


62 Mount Street, Heidelberg


Uncanny Animals. Yarraville

Innovators and game-changers in grooming, Uncanny Animals make your furry friends look fancy, fetching and they will definitely get noticed next time you're in the dog park! Not only do they offer cruelty-free 100% hair dying and custom grooming services for the pets that thrive off attention, but they are also a gentle handing practise that’s great for anxious pets.

Animal love and welfare is the core of what our business is about; We believe that welfare is not only for the clients that walk through our doors, but extends to every creature that inhabits this Earth. Naturally then, our business must be as environmentally sustainable as possible. Sustainable Salons make that process so very, very easy.”


PH: 0400640844

DOGUE Brickworks. Burwood East

Whether you’re returning to work or have a new puppy at home needing early socialisation, DOGUE Brickworks can provide trusted advice and the best solution for your pup. DOGUE are currently offering a free day-care assessment as well as $10 off your first day care session at selected locations as well as quality grooming services and everything your dog needs in their retail boutique.

We asked, how excited are you for the Melbourne lockdown to be over?

"Excited is an understatement! We are so relieved we have been able to reopen and super excited to see all of our customers again!"


PH:03 9808 3709

70 Middleborough Road, Burwood East

DOGUE. Brighton

"We were so excited when DOGUE Brighton became the first Dog Grooming Salon to join Sustainable Salons in 2018. Previously, bags and bags of dog hair were going directly to landfill and the volume of waste we produced didn’t sit right with us as an environmentally responsible company. Now, we are so proud that we can contribute dogs hair to cleaning up oil in our oceans."


PH:03 9596 0048

Douge. Williamstown

A stone's throw from amazing dog-friendly restaurants and the beautiful bay of Williamstown lies DOGUE. Offering the highest quality care for dogs across the Melbourne bay.

We asked DOGUE Williamstown, how excited are you for Melbourne lockdown to be over?

"We're super excited to be able to provide some much needed TLC to the furbabies of Melbourne. It's been a long winter and now that the weather is getting warmer we want all our furry clients to be as comfortable as possible!"


PH:03 9975 7443

14 Douglas Parade Williamstown

Can't find a Sustainable Salon member in your area on the list? Check out Sustainable Salons Salon Locator here, to find your closest Sustainable Salon!

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