A Picture Paints a Thousand Words, Mulbury is Reducing Landfill One Picture Frame At a Time




These are just some of the values Gerard Mulbury had when he set out to build Mulbury over 30 years ago. Today Mulbury fully encompasses their purpose to help reduce landfill by recycling various materials into stunning homewares.

A builder by trade, Gerard more friendly known as Gerry, started a part-time project of making picture frames after he saw endless amounts of timber and other materials being thrown out on a daily basis through his work. He thought that there is surely a way to recycle all these materials to stop so much waste being poured into our tips. 

Gerry started gathering all the timber from his building sites, what began out of a tiny shed in East Bentleigh, Victoria fixing together beautifully handcrafted frames, he sold them at local markets around Melbourne. They were an instant hit and over 30 years later, Mulbury continues framing Australian's treasured memories and has now added furniture and homewares to their recycled repertoire.  

"We feel the pride in craftsmanship, of producing something of beauty, out of the timbers that are discarded or bound to waste or landfill."

- Mulbury

It's easy to see the care and respect for the environment that goes into every piece at Mulbury, no two frames are exactly alike but all frames are finished naturally or by using natural oils and waxes. Each frame is made from locally grown Eucalyptus gum trees, Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak Timer that has been rescued from landfill, no two are alike as each timber has a different shape, size, colour and character, "we constantly remind ourselves that this is the timber that has been exposed to the elements under the hands and feet of Australian workers. We are respectful of the age of these beautiful timbers, we feel there's no point in sourcing old timber and then dressing it and finishing it to the point where it looks new" Mulbury explains on their website.

(Photography: Mulbury)

"To us, recycling materials is one of the purest forms of maintaining the earth and we're absolutely dedicated to leaving this planet in a better condition than when we found it." This is especially true of Mulbury's commitment to saving all this precious Australian hardwood timber from heading to landfill inspiring new homeowners to reclaim vintage styles and embrace bringing creativity into their living spaces.

(Photography: Mulbury)

"When you purchase a Mulbury product you are helping reduce landfill"

-Aaron, Mulbury.

As Spring rolls around Gerry and the team at Mulbury are usually gearing up to design and present the awards at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, which sadly was cancelled in 2020 because of COVID. But all Mulbury’s products are still available for order online and hopefully with restrictions easing their Highett store will be reopening it's doors soon. 

We’re especially loving Mulbury’s hanging planters for elevating your succulent collection starting from $40 which can be ordered here.


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