MOODY Activewear The Self-Care Brand Supporting Women's Physical & Mental Health

It started with a camping trip, a conversation and a search for reliable activewear. With a passion for women's mental health at the high of her mother's own illness, MOODY Activewear founder, Louise McCann was searching for quality activewear that made a difference for an upcoming trip away with friends, "I just thought, I'm not buying leggings until I find one!" Louise tells The Social Catalog.

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When her search turned up nada, she couldn't let go of the idea, "I just saw there was so much opportunity there, And my girlfriends and husband we're just sick of me talking and said well why don’t you do something about it?... I walked away from that weekend and everyone saying "Good luck let us know how your activewear brand goes!" Haha, I've got a background in recruitment and HR, what would I know about starting a brand but anyway I was like yeah maybe I will!" Louise explains.

Women's mental health had affected Louise and her family greatly, after her mother's Huntington's diagnosis where she suffered depression and anxiety.

"Mum was battling her mental health and we just didn't talk about it, because when it was bad, it was bad and when she was good we didn't want to bring the mood down."

- Louise McCann, Founder

After a year and a half of testing and sourcing quality suppliers, Louise landed on a very simple black 3/4 legging and launched with one product and the commitment to donating 100% of her profits to support women's mental health. That was international women's day in March 2018, just 2 month's after the passing of her mum Catherine in January of that year.

(Photography: MOODY Activewear)

Now 2 years on, MOODY Activewear has donated over $3000 to various women's mental health organisations like The Royal Women's Hospital Centre for Women's Health, which provides specialist care to over 800 patients per year and Liptember, a campaign dedicated to raising awareness for women's mental health in Australia. Since launching Louise noticed a huge influx of MOODY Activewear customers were Ireland based "Once I saw how many sales were coming from Ireland I looked at my donation mode.. it was like a bit of a no-brainer then, and I partnered with GLOW" a Belfast based organisation who run incredible programs empowering women from troubled or dysfunctional families and relationships, by building self-esteem to gain confidence and life skills to achieve their own goals in a supportive and safe environment.

"The purchases people make from MOODY, they are not just buying this quality product they are always contributing to the purpose of MOODY, which is to support women's mental health at large"

-Louise McCann, Founder

"I did just recently donate $1000 to PANDA as well, (who help new parents access help and information about perinatal mental illness) and I would love to support more smaller organisations in the future." Louise explains.

MOODY's range now includes 3/4 and full-length leggings and a perfect workout tee, with the new addition of a sports crop top earlier in the year, with no plans of stopping we might have heard about a new colour release coming soon in October 2020!

(Photography: MOODY Activewear)

"Watch this space!" Louise laughs, "we're really excited about it, but obviously with COVID I had the time to reflect with the future of what MOODY offers and what I want to do that with a really sustainable mindset..I really want to start using recycled materials and go down that path, but that’s just going to be a whole different journey in the near future for me and MOODY Activewear. My goal is to have a really ethical sourced sustainable product, but it does take time when you are a small brand. I can't tick every single box right now, but I am constantly working towards it."

I always want to maintain the quality. I never want someone to buy a MOODY product and think "oh that’s a bit average" I want them to be blown away by the product.

-Louise McCann, Founder

"I want to maintain that really high quality, I knew I could never compromise on that. But we will be launching a new colour coming out next month! All will be revealed in October!" We can't wait! Keep an eye on The Social Catalog and MOODY Activerwear's Instagram for updates on their new range.

*Edit: Since the publishing of this article MOODY Activewear have also raised $6519 for Liptember, an incredible campaign raising funds and awareness for women's mental health for the entire month of September.

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