Melbourne Bike Repair Shop Good Cycles, Providing Employment For Vulnerable Young Victorians

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

According to the City of Melbourne cycling is on the rise! With more people turning to use their bikes for exercise, recreation or as a simple sustainable means of transport during this pandemic. If you're one of the 21,000 Victorians that cycle in your week, then it's time to get behind Good Cycles as your go-to for bike repairs.

(Photography: Good Cycles)

From Docklands to Flinders street, getting your new wheels has never been easier. This city bike shop is not only mending those wonky tires and locked breaks but helping tackle youth unemployment helping at-risk young Australians into meaningful work.

Good Cycles will be apart of a new plan to bring social enterprises to the heart of the Melbourne CBD as part of North Bank sitting under Flinders Street Rail Track. The piece of land belonging to VicTrack has finally been offered a purpose in bringing social enterprises to the under-utilised space, creating jobs and providing services to the city. "We're really excited about this new project, to deliver a social enterprise hub in the heart of Melbourne," Gordon Oakley from Good Cycles tells The Social Catalog.

In 2013 Luke Wright and Loretta Curtin sat down and over a cup of tea, to work out ways they could make a difference in the community, they settled on bikes as their core, and Good Cycles was born. As we all have fond memories of being young and riding, supporting disadvantaged youth was the solid foundation on which this amazing enterprise has grown.

"At our heart, we train young disadvantaged people, provide them with real skills and put them into meaningful work"

- Gordon Oakley, Commercial Manager, Good Cycles

The proposed plans show a revitalised space, made from shipping containers housing the new Good Cycle's repair shop amongst new offices, shops and dining. Speaking to the Herald Sun, back in June CEO Jaison Hornel said he hoped to open the hub as early as later this year.

(Photography: Good Cycles)

"This hub will showcase social enterprises, as well as provide a number of new jobs."

- Gordon Oakley, Commercial Manager, Good Cycles

Since it's inception Good Cycles has helped provide countless opportunities for training and employment of at-risk youth, the long-term unemployed, disengaged and socially isolated, youth justice leavers, refugees and asylum seekers. Working alongside alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres, youth justice centres and prisons, providing real opportunities as a "small and fast-moving" social enterprise in Melbourne.

Whether your an active cyclist, going for a weekend ride with the family or looking for a tune-up before taking that mountain bike out for a spin post-COVID lockdown you should check out their list of services here. Starting with their FREE Supporter and Champions membership you receive one free bicycle service per year!

Sign up to the Good Cycles community newsletter to hear more about their upcoming opening. Or drop by one of their BikeHubs located in Docklands, Goldsbrough Lane Melbourne, or Community Bike Store in Geelong.

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