Looking For Eco-Tour Operators in Melbourne? WAM's Melbourne's New Fun-Loving Nature Eco Adventures

With Melbourne and Victoria opening up to the rest of Australia, excited is an understatement of how we feel about exploring the natural beauty that’s right here in our own states backyard. Wild Adventures Melbourne is making it easier for those seeking adventure with zero-waste tours that explore Melbourne’s hidden gems in the Australian bush, our unique wildlife, indulgent wineries and local sustainably conscious destinations. 

Nature adventurer Nic ‘Coops’ Cooper founded Wild Adventures Melbourne with a lifetime passion for tourism  “in 1995 when I was 11 years old, my parents opened up our family home in south-east England to be a guesthouse. This is pretty much when my passion for tourism began. I found it so fascinating meeting people from around the world, providing great hospitality and kind of understanding the quirks of different nationalities,” Nic explains. 

After leaving the UK to explore the world, Nic went on visiting and living in different countries and working in tourism along the way. “And here I am all these years and 75 countries later, married to an Australian living in one of my favourite places, Melbourne.”

(Photography: WAM)

“I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of tourism. An industry that is so vibrant and exciting but is by no means perfect especially when it comes to caring for the environment and community.” 

- Nic Cooper, Wild Adventures Melbourne

This sparked a dream to start a fun-loving eco-adventure tourism company that makes a positive impact on customers, the environment and community, Wild Adventures Melbourne. 

WAM connects small groups with nature on active outdoor adventure trips close to Melbourne like their Sunrise Wildlife Adventure where you’ll get up close and personal viewing iconic wildlife, visiting a selection of beautiful parks, paddleboarding along Melbourne’s serene waterways and trailing through the Aussie bush. 

(Photography: WAM)

Different from your normal tourism operators, Nic puts sustainability first with people-powered activities like cycling and bushwalking having the lowest possible impact on the environment, “our adventure trips also look to leave each place we visit cleaner than we found it, we carry portable bins and if we see litter on our tours (in the ocean, waterways or parks) we clean it up.” Nic tells The Social Catalog. 

Wild Adventure Melbourne also donate to local non-for-profits like Wildlife Victoria and Greenfleet which plant native biodiverse forests in the areas around where they operate adventures and offsets their carbon emissions

(Photography: WAM)

Operating with eco-tourism at their core, Wild Adventures Melbourne visits our unique waterways, providing free sunscreen from Sunbutter Skincare (it's vegan, plastic-free, and reef-safe) to stopping for a bite to eat at sustainably conscious and organic local venues like Trofeo Estate and the Peninsula Hot Springs

Whether you’re wanting to explore more of Melbourne’s parks or take a trip down the Mornington coast Wild Adventures Melbourne tours are the perfect eco-adventurous day trip. 

We recommend WAM’s Ultimate Mornington Peninsula Adventure, for stunning views spotting Aussie wildlife, to enjoy a day exploring followed by a soak in Melbourne’s only thermal hot springs and a local organic winery lunch. 


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