Humanism Global’s Handmade Products Providing Freedom to Women & their Communities in South India

The future is human is the mantra behind Humanism Global, creating environmentally friendly products helping women out of poverty. From tote bags & pouches to reusable face masks and T-shirts founder Sakshi Thakurstarted her journey in a small room in Pondicherry, South India speaking to 14 women who collectively wanted to generate income for themselves and the freedom with choices that money & an income would bring.

(Photography: Humanism Global)

Roughly 40% of the world's population, including women and children are made to work in dangerous and unsafe conditions just to make ends meet. Making less than $1.90 a day. Humanism Global’s main mission is to help end global poverty one job at a time, by creating safe and sustainable jobs for marginalized and disadvantaged humans. Humanism Global create beautiful handmade products, where very product is ethically sourced, manufactured and directly contributes to the income of its makers. In an effort to make the greatest impact Humanism Global’s products are made of upcycled saree, GOTS certified organic cotton; delivered in 100% compostable packaging and provide a fair wage and safe working conditions for its makers.

Empowering every individual in the communities they work with.

“Our journey started in a small room in Pondicherry, South India with 14 women, we asked them what they wanted and they collectively said money, because money gives them freedom and choice. We also learnt that more than 2 billion humans don’t experience work as we do ourselves.”

“This is why our mission is to create real work, so that the women can get paid to do what they love. Every product our customers purchase directly contributes to each human’s income and makes a significant difference to their livelihoods and wellbeing.”

- Humanism Global

Over the 2 years Humanism Global have been in existence they have helped create 100+ jobs, educate 50+ humans and employed 7 full-time team members.

While 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic brought some serious challenges to Humanism Global, they continued to create employment opportunities for the women in Pondicherry even through the global crisis.

“Our greatest impact so far has been the one we can’t measure. It’s the feeling each human gets working confidently in a safe and inclusive space.”

- Humanism Global

“We take human connection and its power quite seriously. Most of our products come with a signature and a unique stamp handmade by the maker, which makes every product unique! We see it as a way to help our customers stay connected with the humans behind the product while also reminding them of the difference they made with that purchase.”

Checkout Humanism Global's 'The Future is Human' T-shirts, or if you're currently in Melbourne you might want to grab one of their iso packs.

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