How the COVID19-EAD initiative Went From 2 guys in a Kitchen To Raising Over $150,000 in 6 Months

What started as 2 guys in a kitchen just over 6 months ago, COVID19-EAD, Henry Le and his team have provided thousands free chef-cooked meals, groceries and support to out of work or stood down hospitality workers. We had a chat with Henry about the future of COVID19-EAD and to celebrate their 6-month milestone.

(Photography: COVID19-EAD)

"Wow 6 months, it makes me feel exhausted, to be honest! but very grateful! Haha...Even though the time commitment is massive and the stress is insane, this is the best thing I'm doing with my life right now and I can't imagine doing anything else." Henry tells The Social Catalog.

Created in the wake of the COVID pandemic, COVID19-EAD started by Henry and his Co-founder Jackie in a kitchen by themselves, contemplating how to help their staff in a time of uncertainty. By themselves, they were making and delivering meals via contactless delivery.