Have You Tried Kakadu Plum Before? Hear The Benefits of Embracing Australian Bush Superfoods

Lemon myrtle, Pepperberry and Kakadu Plum are some of the oldest superfoods and ingredients celebrated in Indigenous culture, which Kakadu Plum Co's, Founder Tahlia Mandie aims to share with all Australians. Kakadu Plum Co products have been carefully curated on knowledge that has been passed down from communities with over 50,000 years of Aboriginal culture. We spoke to Tahlia about Kakadu Plum Co and The Plum Project bringing exposure and support to foraging practises in Aboriginal communities.

(Photography: Kakadu Plum Co)

"I have always had an interest in social justice and a strong connection to Australian history including Aboriginal heritage and customs. As a non-Indigenous woman, I have always been inspired to learn about our indigenous culture and their unique care and connection with the land." Tahlia explains.

That connection to community and land inspires the entire Kakadu Plum range, "All our bush foods and Indigenous bush tea health benefits are based on over 50,000 years of Aboriginal culture and knowledge that has been passed down. We are honoured to help share their stories and knowledge."

- Tahlia, Kakadu Plum Co, Founder

Kakadu Plum Co partners with communities and growers around Australia, but are particularly focused and connected with Western Australia. "We work with Owners and Indigenous Australians, who wild harvest many of our foods, including Kakadu Plum and our bush tea range. The communities and individuals we work with set the price for the foods grown on their land and we pay them directly" stated on their website. "The Plum Project was established a few years later as another means to directly give back to Indigenous communities."

The Plum Project was founded by Tahlia, is a means to further help support and shine a light on Indigenous bush food projects and provide the larger community with an opportunity to provide their support. "I visited in 2017 and spent time on country learning and being inspired by the rich culture and land," Tahlia explains, seeing first hand and realising the need to honour and assist in preserving traditional culture.

(Photography: Kakadu Plum Co)

"I learnt about Kakadu Plum and asked why no one had heard about it, let alone used it? After connecting with communities, we launching with our first product, Kakadu Plum Powder. The rest is history as they say." Tahlia tells The Social Catalog.

Kakadu Plums have the largest source of natural vitamin C of any plant in the world, over 100 times more than oranges. Vitamin C has incredible health benefits, including assisting iron absorption and a popular option for preventing infections, used as an immune-boosting superfood by Aboriginal people for centuries.

"Our Jilungin Bush Tea is also extremely popular as it can help both sleep and relaxation," Tahlia explains, harvested in the Kimberly region in Western Australia. "Our Jilungin Bush Tea has traditionally been used to give you “long peaceful dreams”.. it's quite an incredible tea" Tahlia explains.

(Photography: Kakadu Plum Co)

"I was driven about sharing this incredible product and story and highlighting the amazing foods that have been growing on this land for thousands of years. To be connected to Traditional Owners and communities is an incredible honour." 

-Tahlia, Kakadu Plum Co, Founder (quote from Kakadu Plum Co website)

"Seeing more and more Australians (and the world) embrace our Indigenous culture every day in their home by incorporating bush foods is incredibly humbling," Tahlia tells The Social Catalog.

We might have heard about their new Natural health products Vital C+ launching in October 2020, "This is our first superfood blend that incorporates our popular Kakadu Plum (and another new ingredient…. stay tuned) to help improve immunity." Tahlia explains.

We can’t wait for Vital C+, but for now, we're currently loving their wattleseed and candied orange milk chocolate block which you can buy here.

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