Discover Amazing Coffee In Melbourne, Wild Timor Coffee Supporting Timor-Leste Farmers Get a Fair Go

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

If there's one thing we all need living our best #WFH lives its rich smooth velvet flavourful coffee, the kind that gets you up and out of bed, making your day a productive one. Look no further than Wild Timor Coffee Co, a coffee brand giving Timor-Leste Coffee growers a step up in the Melbourne coffee scene.

(Photography: Wild Timor Coffee Co)

We don't have to tell you Melbourne has a number of great coffee houses, quite simply Melbourne's coffee culture is now more notorious than the great Italian espresso machines from which it sprouted. Or so we think, but whether you're a latte lover, cappuccino champion, flat white Karen, long-black Lenoard, if you enjoy it cold brew, filtered, slow-roasted, poured over or steeped to perfection! Wild Timor Coffee Co is still at work, delivering their signature range of Timorese coffee, with caramel, chocolate and cheery sweet notes providing you with a great coffee where every bean gives back to supporting Timor-Leste coffee growers and their community.