Discover Amazing Coffee In Melbourne, Wild Timor Coffee Supporting Timor-Leste Farmers Get a Fair Go

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

If there's one thing we all need living our best #WFH lives its rich smooth velvet flavourful coffee, the kind that gets you up and out of bed, making your day a productive one. Look no further than Wild Timor Coffee Co, a coffee brand giving Timor-Leste Coffee growers a step up in the Melbourne coffee scene.

(Photography: Wild Timor Coffee Co)

We don't have to tell you Melbourne has a number of great coffee houses, quite simply Melbourne's coffee culture is now more notorious than the great Italian espresso machines from which it sprouted. Or so we think, but whether you're a latte lover, cappuccino champion, flat white Karen, long-black Lenoard, if you enjoy it cold brew, filtered, slow-roasted, poured over or steeped to perfection! Wild Timor Coffee Co is still at work, delivering their signature range of Timorese coffee, with caramel, chocolate and cheery sweet notes providing you with a great coffee where every bean gives back to supporting Timor-Leste coffee growers and their community.

(Photography: Wild Timor Coffee Co)

"Wild Timor Coffee was formed as a means of buying the coffee at a good price...We offer a fair price by matching and raising the price of other buyers. We then bring it back to Melbourne where it is roasted and sold to our amazing customers."

- Emily, Wild Timor Coffee

Founded in 2012 by Shannon, Cameron, and the two Tom's, soldiers in the Australian Army, they were deployed in Timor-Leste to help peacekeeping efforts during that time. The boys developed friendships with people in the communities there and were indignant at the poor treatment and exploitation at the hands of coffee brokers, who offered far less than was fair for an excellent coffee product.

Now 8 years on, the team behind Wild Timor Coffee Co has a thriving cafe here in Melbourne and has contributed to various projects helping the Timor-Leste community. Including raising $5000 to provide school uniforms to students at the Oecussee Enclave boarding school, who are helping to provide students with amazing opportunities & life lessons, providing more education and training to the next generation of advocates and leaders in Timor-Leste.

Not a fan of coffee? Wild Timor Coffee Co is good for the non-caffinatics too! You can grab the delectable range of Grounded Pleasures drinking chocolate, with extravagant flavours like Sicilian Orange, French Mint, Cinnamon Spice and Chilli Infused off their website too. Not sure what you'd like? They've got you covered too with their Coffee, Chai & Chocolate Hamper which you can grab here.

"Wild Timor Coffee beans are more than just coffee- each one represents support provided for a developing community."

You can buy Wild Timor Coffee knowing that each bean is hand sorted, shade-grown, bird-friendly and chemical-free, and tastes delicious. As they say, every bean counts.

You can still purchase amazing coffee from Wild Timor Cafe to Take Away from their Coburg location, or order online here.

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