Dining for a Cause, Scarf's Ten Years Helping New Migrants & Refugees into the Hospitality Industry

For many people, your first job might have been in the hospitality industry as a gateway to build work experience or start a career. Over 10 years Scarf has harnessed hospitality to help break down the barriers for young people from asylum-seeker, refugee and migrant backgrounds so they can find work. We spoke with Scarf Co-Founder Hannah Brennan looking back at ten years in review and where Scarf's heading in a Post COVID world.

(Photography: Linsey Rendell provided by Scarf)

Pre-COVID you might have known Scarf's name by their Scarf Dinner events, partnering with Melbourne venues like Garden State Hotel, Higher Ground, UNCLE, Mesa Verde, Ladro, Park Street, Bhang and The Rochester Hotel.

These restaurant partnerships are at the core of Scarf's seasonal ten-week Scarf Dinner programs, in which trainees from asylum-seeker, refugee and migrant backgrounds are partnered with industry mentors who provide hands-on training, guidance and support. "Mentors are really there to foste