Crack A Local Beer in Spring and Each Pack or Pint Equals a Meal To Someone in Need!

Drinking craft beer at uni is an age-old past time between Australian university students, but for A Local Beer they wanted to do something different. Co-founder Nick and 4 other uni mates started speaking to fellow craft lovers, independent breweries and bar staff, they wanted to hear how their local brews could give back to their local communities. A Local Beer was born, as a vehicle for change in the industry with every pack or pint of beer sold equals a meal to someone in need through their charity partner Secondbite

(Photography: A Local Beer)

“There was a few of us that were really into homebrewing while we're at uni. We worked at a few craft beer festivals over time; you get speaking to the punters, event managers, the breweries and I was struggling to find products particularly beer that gave back to the community” Nick explains. 

“We wanted to do something different and really wanted to be able to give back as beer is such a vehicle for conversation, to share with family and friends it’s a great product to get a message across,”

- Nick, Co-founder, A Local Beer.

Since their first release, A Local beer has managed to provide 17,000 meals to charity partner Secondbite, with no plans to slow down their impact “we've got a goal to hit 70,000 by the end of the financial year, which is really exciting for us” Nick explains. Each pack and pint of A Local Beer provides a meal to someone in need.

Secondbite is a leading national food rescue organisation, operating since 2005 they have helped distribute over 100 million meals, and collected and distributed wasted food to over 1,000 community food programs across Australia.

With latest figures revealing that more than 5 million people in Australia experience food insecurity at least once in the course of a year, SecondBite exists to make sure that good food is getting to people who need it most, rather than to landfill.”

- Secondbite, a quote from their website.

“We reached out to a few food charities and we thought they were quite interlinked with food and beverage, but the first time we caught up with Secondbite the CEO invited us in on just a 2 page proposal and he was as excited as us... With zero runs on the board, it’s nice to have the partners you engage with as excited as you are.” Nick explains. 

“We catch up every month about how we can enhance our impact... When we first went into Secondbite the CEO was quite excited, from what our plans were in this space, he saw leftover bread was being used to make beer in the UK. A lot of bread donations come into Secondbite but because it’s something that spoils easily, he thought if there was another avenue or way that the bread could be recycled into our products that would reduce waste and we would be able to give meals as a result” Nick tells The Social Catalog.

(Photography: A Local Beer)

The ‘Fruits of Our Labor’ range was born from that initiative, “Banana Bread Brown Ale was our first can release! Unfortunately, due to COVID, there weren’t as many food donations due to panic buying so we just reached out to our local Richmond community and Phillipa’s bakery donated 50kg of sourdough bread to us,” with some added torched local bananas brought about their delicious Banana Bread Brown Ale

It followed their hugely successful White Peach Sour limited batch months earlier,

“Our first keg range of sustainable beer was a proof of concept, it sold out instantly it was delicious! We were saving peaches from Northern Victoria that were making their way to landfill, and couldn’t be sold otherwise because they were deemed too small.”

- Nick, Co-founder, A Local Beer

So, Where is A Local Beer heading in the future? 

“On the horizon is our next release of the Fruits of Our Labour range! A Watermelon Hazy Pale Ale… We went to a local fruit supplier and got 660kg of fruit that is going to be crushed up along with sourdough bread from Phillipa’s bakery.”

“All the fruit and bread is made in Australia for our sustainable series and we really want to drive that sustainability forward... It helps us make our impact bigger, and hopefully be a leader and vehicle for change in the industry.” 

We’re itching for the release of A Local Beer’s new Watermelon Hazy Pale Ale, the perfect summer beer, just think of how good your picnics will be, knowing your beer purchase helps provide a meal to someone in need.

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