Butt Naked Australian-Made Skinfood + Selfcare Is Here to Pamper You With Their Plant-Based Range

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Two high fiving besties, a dingo named Hunter and the search for a unicorn. That's what started Butt Naked Body's founder Patrizia Tresca on a journey for plant-based, natural, skincare products that we're reliable and trustworthy.

(Photography: Butt Naked Body)

"Reading Gobbledygook claims, lengthy ingredients listings with super long words is not our jam; it just made us super sleepy. We wanted to keep it real and lighten the mood." Butt Naked Body tells The Social Catalog.

"We were sure (scrap that, we were certain) that looking after your skin could be simpler, healthier and feel a ton better. Less serious, more yay. Apparent we're asking for a unicorn...So, we made a unicorn! Gentle yet effective plant-based and vegan products that keep your skin healthy while being kind to our furry friends and the earth."

"We're basically obsessed with pure, plant-based botanic goodness..we think less is more so we formulate skin food with simple quality ingredients from nature," Which is easy to see when you take a closer look at their products like their Himalayan + Lavender salt scrub and bath soak. Full of proven natural beauty rejuvenators like Himalayan sea salt for its anti-microbial properties and Lavander oil, which is brimming with antioxidants known for it's anti-inflammatory properties and soothing scent.

(Photography: Butt Naked Body)

Butt Naked Body is fully transparent providing a fully detailed ingredients list which you can find here. "We believe in a world where you get to enjoy healthy, happy smooth'y, glowy skin all of the time (and) we believe no one should suffer for us to enjoy beauty perks.. and that includes our furry mates."

"We are proudly credited as a cruelty-free company by Choose Cruelty-Free Limited, and every inch (including the private parts) of Buttnaked Skinfood is free from animal-derived ingredients, palm oil and has never been tested on animals." Butt Naked Body tells The Social Catalog.

Butt Naked Body lives this ethos by supporting various animal welfare organisations like The Australian Koala Foundation adopting a beautiful koala (called Jimmie Jams) and The Australian Dingo Foundation, through their adoption of a dingo named Tangle, and work in native conservation and campaigning against habitat loss supporting our unique bio-diversity here in Australia.

Butt Naked Body also gives back donating 5% of their profits to Melbourne based Save A Dog Scheme a no-kill animal welfare organisation which helps save homeless, sick and injured animals and give them a second chance in life, "Our founder Patrizia is ridiculously obsessed with dogs so partnering with Save a Dog Scheme was a no brainer."

Along with their kindness to four-legged friends, Butt Naked Body also helps in the community by donating a variety of their products, to The Happy Boxes Project, helping support women and their families in rural and remote communities, who don't have access to basic toiletries, who are seeking refuge from domestic violence, members of mums and bubs groups, elders healing circles and other girls wellbeing groups. 

Most of Butt Naked Body's packaging is recyclable and compostable, they use bio-degradable + compostable post satchels, aluminium tins, glass bottles and FSC certified plant-based labels. Their body scrub packaging, unfortunately, isn't recyclable but they currently hold plans to change this in the next 12-18 months!

We're currently loving The Warrior Gift Set perfect for post-workout remedy routines, which includes their Coffee + Epson Body Scrub, Cactus Clay Face Mask and Moroccan Mint Lip Balm cute gift wrapped in a cotton drawstring tote bag.


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