Ilana Is An Ordinary Person, Who Designed An Ethical Clothing Label With A Difference

"I am only, one, but still, I am one. I cannot do everything, but still, I can do something."

This quote by Edward Everett Hale challenged Ordinary People Label Founder Ilana McMorran to overcome feelings of helplessness and form a clothing label with a purpose. Their minimalistic design is your next timeless piece as their more than ordinary apparel helps provide disaster relief in communities that need it most.

(Photography: Ordinary People Label)

Reading our blogs already shows you want to be apart of a solution to positively change the world and Ordinary People believe anyone can make a difference to achieve extra-ordinary results. "My story is like so many. I’ve seen the need around me, everywhere, for years now. I’ve given to organisations doing great work from time to time but struggled to understand what good my tiny part could do in the big scheme of the suffering going on around the globe." Ilana tells The Social Catalog.

Challenging preconceptions around what she as an ordinary person could do Ilana transformed her skills and love for design into making a difference, "I tried to push my growing feelings of helplessness and frustration aside, but instead of subsiding, an idea began to form. What if I could use my skills in and love for design to make a difference and help others to do the same? What if I could make it easier for ordinary people like me to do something to help others in need?" This is why Ordinary People Label was created.

Now about to celebrate their 2nd birthday, the Ordinary People Label has built a positive social clothing label through certified child labour free suppliers, eco-friendly initiatives, committing to plastic-free recyclable and compostable packaging, whilst also donating 50% of their profits to their charity partner Preemptive Love who respond with fast relief to conflict, war-torn disaster impacted areas.

In 2016, Syrian armed forces allied groups against rebel-held districts in Aleppo, the city became a battleground, as tens of thousands of civilians fled those districts. "I watched in real-time as people like me found themselves living in a war zone, helpless and at the mercy of those bent on domination and destruction. It was during this time that I stumbled across the work of Preemptive Love and fell in love with this group of people. I had to do something. No longer could I sit on the sidelines and wait for someone else to do it." Ilana explains.

Preemptive love has helped feed thousands of families near the frontlines in Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor, repair homes and restore electricity to the city. The work they do is truly exceptional and we commend Ordinary People Label for helping make it easier for "ordinary people" to bring about positive change and support these causes through their purchases.

"We believe when people all over the world catch the vision and purchase with purpose, the extraordinary happens."

- Ilana, Founder of Ordinary People Label.

Every time you buy from Ordinary People Label you can take pride in knowing you're buying more than just a product, you're giving back to the community and helping a family in need secure their next meal, helping a frontline worker reach war-torn areas, helping provide aid to those who need it most. Be the next ordinary person helping make a difference with 20% off when you use ‘THESOCIALCATALOG’ offer until the 23rd of October.

We're currently loving Ordinary People's 'Do Something Ordinary' Tee in White the perfect pairing with pre-loved denim jeans and boots, now on their website get 20% off with code 'THESOCIALCATALOG' with 50% of proceeds donated to support the work of Preemptive Love.

The Social Catalog is always searching for new products and services we hope you enjoy the brands and businesses we recommend.

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