A Sweet Lil' Bee Helped Liz Harper Quit Her Office Day Job & Change The World A Lil' Bit At A Time

WHO DOESN'T LOVE BEE'S! Maybe people who are allergic? Even so, you can still appreciate how much these little black & yellow beauties do for our planet. We love bee's even more, hearing how honey hobby led to a much greater understanding of ecology for Lil' Bit Better founder Liz Harper. Focusing on quality, certified organic & raw ingredients all Lil' Bit Better products are helping our Lil' furry flying friends and our planet.

(Photography: Lil' Bit)

Retail, Receptionist, Admin, Stock Manager, IT, Sales, Marketing. "I decided I had enough. I needed to do something that would make a difference!" Guurrrrrrl we can relate. When a friend suggested she start keeping bees Liz fell in love, "We were in no way expecting to fall so in love with our bees. Learning just how much impact we have on these little creatures, the awful problems they face & how we were unwittingly adding to their plight by using pesticides and a cacophony of chemicals in our everyday lives... it HAD to change." Liz tells The Social Catalog.

After dabbling in aromatherapy for years, Liz took a crash course in basic chemistry, researching high-quality products, focusing on transparency & eco-friendly alternatives as not to harm those precious bee's! At Lil' Bit Better you’ll find a range of small-batch, Australian made organic home and cleaning products using the best Australian certified organic, natural ingredients (all Bee-friendly of course!).

(Photography: Lil' Bit)

Lil' Bit Better is fully transparent in how running a small eco-friendly business, is not always an easy road to walk, "There is no point in making an eco-friendly product with substandard ingredients, so I set about finding the best Australia had to offer which led me down a very long and depressing rabbit hole. I had no idea how much blatant lying and deception there was in the ‘eco-friendly’ world from leaving ingredients off the product label, to using cheap, imported fragrant oils from overseas and passing them off as 100% essential, the use of fillers, thickeners and so many other chemicals hidden behind fancy terms, statements and ‘studies’."

This led her to gain Cruelty-Free Accreditation and aligning her values with other businesses who pride themselves in selling ethical, palm free and organic products filled with incredi-(bee)le! (see what we did there?) ingredients like Myrtle, Sweet African Orange, Witch Hazel, White Camphor, French Alpine Lavender & Tunisian Rosemary.

Along with her vision for transparency in quality ingredients, Lil' Bit Better focuses on transparency working towards eco-friendly packaging, "I am always looking for ways to improve my packaging. I switched from Pumps to disc caps once I discovered there were 11 pieces of plastic in a pump, only 2 in a disc cap."

(Photography: Lil' Bit)

"It's been wonderful to see consumer education flourish. Many customers are getting wiser to Greenwashing and asking some hard questions which is great...knowledge is power and I like people to understand where ingredients come from, how they are made and the history behind them." packaging in Lil’ Bit Better products are recyclable but all other components are either home compostable, facility compostable or biodegradable. "My boxes are sourced through a local retail chain and everything from the packing tape to the void fill is either recyclable or compostable."

Doing her Lil' Bit to give back, when the bushfires hit Liz donated her small amount of profits to Red Cross and Wildlife Shelters, "70 jars of my precious honey went to treating burns in wildlife shelters, while Bee Seed Bombs went to a small charity concentrating on the importance of pollinators in our urban gardens."

We're currently loving Lil' Bit Better's Niaouli Disinfectant Spray for $10.95.


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