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Socially Inclusive Businesses

What does it take for a business to be socially inclusive? For us here at The Social Catalog we want to recommend businesses that hire or train people experiencing hardship or homelessness, supporting asylum seekers or disadvantaged groups into employment opportunities. We are an LGBTIQ+ friendly organisation and we want to know what businesses out there are doing to support our diverse community. We want to support and promote those who support others, those great businesses big and small that give back to help marginalised and disadvantaged communities grow. 

  Giving back can have many forms but the values we focus on to be defined a socially inclusive business are:


- Businesses and organisations as businesses that fund or support financially, diverse-community led programs that benefit their marginalised groups and lead to long term positive change.


- Businesses that directly train employees from disadvantaged groups to help them gain stable employment and enhance their skills


-Businesses that educate through leadership, and mentorship programs issues surrounding gender-based diversity, support those in crisis to improve livelihoods of diverse communities.


 -Businesses that help in facilitating community workshops and educational programs on their premises surrounding these important social issues. 


At The Social Catalog we speak to so many amazing brands and businesses that strive to give back to their communities, we are building a community of our own, and when we connect we realise all the things we have in common, and celebrate all the things that make us different. 

our favourite socially inclusive businesses