Welcome to The Social Catalog, where we are for the businesses that are for the people. 

The Social Catalog serves as a vessel to direct you to the businesses giving back, brands that put purpose over profit, those good humans who through business enterprises are supporting our communities in diverse and unique ways.

We want to tell you about the little guys, the creatives, the businesses big and small that are making an impact in our world and supporting causes that are: Sustainable & Eco-conscious, Socially inclusive, Ethical with Fair-production, Engaging and educating our Communities. 


Our aim is not simply to tell you about that new bar that helps asylum-seekers gain employment through hospitality training or the local hair salon that recycles 98% of their waste - we'll spend time talking to the founders, the artists, the purpose-driven people, learning about their causes and their direct impact in our communities. We're excited to bring their stories straight to you, keeping you up-to-date to what makes these brands great, why and where you can find them. 

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On The Social Catalog you'll find coverage on the people, the business, the movements and the causes of ethical, sustainable, socially inclusive brands, social enterprises, for-purpose businesses and not-for-profits. 

We'll update you on the hottest new products, the most talked-about food & drink scenes, the events and success stories of the businesses we back for doing good in our community!

At The Social Catalog, you'll know who you're helping with every purchase. 

We're excited to share the stories of the businesses giving back in our communities, and we hope you are too! 
None of this would be possible without community support, we appreciate every interaction whether that's a like on Facebook, a Follow on Instagram! 


We are not profitable, yet. However, we define ourselves as a for-purpose business. We currently provide free editorial articles to for-purpose Australian small businesses, social enterprises and not-for-profits to help them gain more exposure about the good they do in our community. Once profitable our business plan is to 'give back' 20% of profits to environmental Australia based NFP's. 


As we are currently an online business, we are aware of our energy use every day and we take responsibility for our environmental impact and try to be part of the solution to mitigate climate change by offsetting the carbon used to power our computers, lights and office area we offset our carbon emissions with Greenfleet, who are established to help connect parks and reserves to create wildlife corridors and preserve biodiversity. Although mostly located in rural regions, Greenfleet plant a number of forests are also in the fringe of urban environments providing health and recreational values to the local communities.